Opracowanie funkcjonalnego trójwymiarowego modelu tkankowego przerzutu nowotworu do kości z zastosowaniem metod inżynierii tkankowej

Akronim: BonMetFun

Numer: 2020/39/I/ST5/03473

Program/Konkurs: OPUS-LAP 20

Jednostka finansująca: NCN

Kierownik projektu: prof. dr hab. inż. Wojciech Święszkowski 

Funkcja: konsorcjant konsorcjum polsko-szwajcarskiego

Czas realizacji: 2021 – 2025


The overall aim of this project is to develop a novel functional three-dimensional  ex vivo  Bone Metastasis Model, that will allow to investigate the mechanism of cancer (breast, prostate, lung) progression towards bone. By this, the project will focus on engineering of bone organoid consisting of vessel, bone marrow and bone. Therefore, it is proposed that the model recapitulating the structure and biological features of native vascularized bone tissue will be developed using an innovative method of bio fabrication – 3D bioprinting with the use of cell-instructive bio-inks. Multi-biomaterial and multi cell-type 3D printing will be employed to fabricate biomimetic and functional tissues.One important aspects of such engineered tissues for the study of cancer metastasis, is a functional, through vessel-mimicking channel, perfusion establishment. This, comparable to the  in vivo  situation will serve the nourishing of the tissue, but also will act as a medium for the shipment of circulating tumor cells. Additionally, the blood mononuclear cells, to mimic the blood environment will be incorporated into perfused engineered bone organoid, and as a result, their effect on cancer cells extravasation will be evaluated.Ultimately, the knowledge gained in the field of biomaterials, biofabrication and cell (cancer) biology will provide a stepping stone to establishment of personalized urgently needed platform (here bone metastasis model) for specific drug evaluation.