An advanced interdisciplinary materials science course focused on materials for medical applications.

During the course, students gain knowledge and skills in biomaterials design, characterization, manufacturing, and application in various medical fields.

Students learn about metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites used in medicine. The course provides an understanding of modern methods for shaping the properties of materials, their design, and manufacturing in the context of their interaction with living cells and the replacement or regeneration of tissues and organs. The curriculum also covers the influence of the living organism on the behavior of biomaterials and implants, degradation of various biomaterials, fundamentals of cell and tissue biology, biocompatibility, biophysical, biochemical and biomechanical requirements for biomaterials and medical devices.

This course prepares for a career in the medical industry or for Ph.D. studies in biomedical engineering or related fields.

  • DURATION: 3 or 4 semesters
  • TUITION FEE: EU no charge, non-EU €1980
  • STARTS IN: February / October (International Students Office is responsible for on-line application)
  • courses & ECTS.