BSc programmes

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First-cycle degree programmes — Bachelor of Science in Engineering — last 7 semesters and end with the defence of the BSc diploma thesis. The graduate is awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering in the field of study Materials Engineering.

Full-time BSc students of the field of study Materials Engineering are taught to solve complex technical problems on the basis of knowledge generated by materials science – science on purposeful formation of the microstructure of a material in order to obtain specific properties.

The programmes cover all types of materials, both structural ones (used in terms of their mechanical properties), and functional ones (used in terms of their physical and chemical properties), such as metallic and ceramic plastics, polymers, semiconductors, dielectrics, magnetic materials and composites. 

They shape the ability to use the dependences between the structure of materials, technology of their synthesis and processing, and the properties which determine their functionality in specific conditions of use.

They form the basis of adapting materials to specific requirements (designing new materials or upgrading existing ones), predicting the behaviour of materials during their work and also solving materials problems in advanced technical systems.