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Materials Engineering is an area of knowledge which covers studying and upgrading materials in order to improve their functionality. Great progress in materials engineering has led to creation of new materials which can work in the most difficult conditions, e.g., in space. Thanks to modern materials, it has been possible to store great amounts of information. Biomaterials have been created to replace damaged or worn parts of the human body. Materials Engineering is an interdisciplinary science which combines selected aspects of physics, chemistry, and even biology and medical sciences.

When you pursue the field of study Materials Engineering:

  • you will learn what the world of materials that surround us is built of,
  • you will learn the processes of materials manufacturing and of shaping their properties,
  • you will learn to change materials properties so as to increase product functionality features,
  • you will see the world in the scale of micro- and nanometres.

The field of study Materials Engineering offers universal education – the graduate may work in any area of technology. He or she may collaborate with constructors and technology specialists in the aviation, automotive, electronic industry and many other. Many graduates specialize in advanced materials research needed in industry but also in medicine and forensic science.