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Development of the first Polish complementary molecular navigation system for surgical oncologic treatment

Acronym: MentorEye
No.: STATEGMED1/233624/4/NCBR/2014
Financing unit: NCBR (National Centre for Research and Development)
Project leader: professor Wojciech Święszkowski
Function: consortium member
Timeframe: 2014 - 2018

Project description

Aim of this project is creating and preparing for implementation, a novel, computer-molecular method of surgical navigation system for oncologic diseases treatment. Oncologic diseases are second cause of death in Poland and reason of 17% of disabilities. Development of proposed technologies leads to achieving significant progress in overcoming oncologic diseases including both, prophylaxis and treatment. It is based on results of scientific researches on personalization in treatment. The project is concentrated on invention a novel system of surgical navigation supported by molecular mechanisms of neoplastic rAAV vectors, for intraoperative precise marking of the tumour and its radical resection. The role of WUT is the development of physical markers for registration of physical localization of the tumor and navigation in the MentorEye system.