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Development of an innovative technology for the production of gears with hybrid surface layers and a nanostructure basis for powertrain conveyors designed for operation in extreme conditions

Acronym: Nano4Gears
No.: POIR.04.01.04-00-0064/15
Program: POIR 4.1.4
Financing unit: NCBR
Leader of tasks realized at WUT: professor Wiesław Świątnicki
Function: consortium
Timeframe: 2016-2020

Main goal of the project is design and development two prototypes of planetary gear transmissions of main drive of conveyors with unique features, which would predestinate them to work in extreme conditions due to temperature and abrasive pollutions. To achieve such goal, innovative and ecological technology of production key elements of transmitions would be developed, consisting of attaining hybrid layer via combining processes of carburizing and nanostructurisation of steel, as well as modern methods of deposition of thin coatings on the surface of gears. Necessary tasks to implement the projects goal are: development of basis of new technology of nanostructurisation of carburized layer, determination of strength parameters of gears produced with usage of hybrid technology, establishing process parameters of nanostructurisation in industrial conditions and designing, producing and testing innovative transmissions in condition close to real operation.