PhD programmes

Third-cycle programmes - doctoral – are intended for people interested in scientific work. Doctoral programmes last 4 years. Many of our graduates choose this form of further education.
There are more than 60 doctoral students at the Faculty.

The Faculty also conducts the Programme ”Implementation Doctorate”, which enables doctoral students to do research of commercial potential and also allows future scientists to gain R&D experience. 

In addition to their own research, doctoral students participate in lectures and teach selected courses.

Third-cycle programmes end with the defence of the doctoral thesis and the award of the degree of doctor in technical sciences, in the discipline Materials Engineering.

PhD programmes Office

ul. Wołoska 141, room 211

dr Tatiana Erenc-Sędziak
 +48 22 234 87 35

Head of PhD programmes
Professor Halina Garbacz
 +48 22 234 87 92