The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering conducts full-time first- and second-cycle degree programmes in the field of study Materials Engineering. 100 candidates are admitted to the first year of first-cycle study.

Candidates to first-cycle programmes (Bachelor of Science in Engineering) register in an online system at by a specified deadline. Admission is conducted by the Admissions Office.  

Second-cycle programmes (Master of Science) may be applied to by graduates of first-cycle programmes in the field of study materials engineering and related fields, i.e., fields in which curriculum differences do not exceed 30 ECTS. In such cases, to graduate from the second-cycle programme the student may be required to pass additional courses from the first-cycle study curriculum of no more than 30 ECTS and the duration of the programme may be extended to 4 semesters. In case of curriculum differences, each application is investigated on a case-by-case basis.

The admissions proceedings comprise:

  • analysis of documents submitted by applicants,
  • possible qualifications interview or a written test on the contents of basic and field-of-study courses, laid down in the teaching standards for the field of study Materials Engineering. Information for applicants to second-cycle programmes can be found at:

Biomaterials - ECTS »

Head of the Faculty Admissions Committee
Dr inż. Rafał Wróblewski
ul. Wołoska 141, room 204