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3D bioprinting of living pancreatic islets or insulin-produced cells into scaffolds of bionic pancreas

Acronym: BIONIC
No.: STRATEGMED3/305813/2/NCBR/2017
Financing unit: NCBR (National Centre for Research and Development)
Project leader: Foundation of Research and Science Development
Function: consortium member
Timeframe: 2017 - 2019

Project description

In Poland, there are more than 2.5 million diabetic patients, 200,000 of which are with type I. According to WHO’s, by 2030 these numbers will double. Islets transplantation is of a limited use because of ischemic injury. The isolation process, by stripping the islets of their vasculature and surrounding extracellular matrix (ECM) results in that, than 50% of transplanted islets are lost during the first few days. Bioprinting is extremely promising. Medical community, have already transplanted trachea and bladder 3Dbioprinted. There are a few weak points to be solved to achieve a 3Dprinted scaffold with islets. Bioengineered hydrogels allow to print islets and to keep them alive but function of those is limited. Another problem is the lack of vasculature. The main aim of the study is to 3D-bioprint a functional bionic pancreas consisted of proper ECM for islets, vasculature and islets or even further–insulin producing cells retrieved from the recipient. Results of our work might be helpful in planning to produce a completely new product – Human Bionic Pancreas.