Seminarium: prof. Pedro Cortes „3D Printing Research Work on High-Performance Materials”

Miejsce: sala 215 (Rady Wydziału)

3D Printing Research Work on High-Performance Materials

Pedro Cortes
Professor / Friedman Endowed Chair
Chemical Engineering / Materials Science and Engineering
Rayen School of Engineering
Youngstown State University
Youngstown, OH. 44555

Dr. Pedro Cortes is the Friedman Endowed Chair and Professor in the Chemical Engineering Program and Materials Science and Engineering Program at Youngstown State University (YSU). Dr. Cortes has an active research portfolio in the areas of 3D printing including smart and multifunctional materials, composite structures, and graded systems. His published work expands over several research areas including ceramics and metal-ceramic structures, shape memory polymers, impact testing, and sensors. The present talk will address the current advancements in the area of additive manufacturing at YSU on metals, ceramics and polymers using different printing technologies. In the case of metals, a hybrid direct energy deposition (DED) process has been used to manufacture structures with applications in the tooling field. In contrast, ceramics have been manufactured using either binder jetting or vat-photopolymerization. These efforts have expanded from multi-materials and battery electrodes, to high temperature sensors. Here, an overview of the manufacturing challenges specially during the post-thermal sintering process will be highlighted. Dr. Cortes has acted as PI and Co-PI of funded work through the Department of Transportation, the Department of Defense, the NASA, ASEE, and NSF. He has acted as Faculty Fellow at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and has more than 25 years of experience in the field of high-performance materials.