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Student Internship

The Dean's Plenipotentiary for Student Internships

dr hab. inż. Agnieszka Jastrzębska, prof. uczelnie-mail agnieszka.jastrzebska@pw.edu.pl or praktyki.wim@pw.edu.pl



  1. Selection of an external entity from the catalog published on the www.wim.pw.edu.pl website, from the university database of employers maintained by the WUT Career Office or another (not located in any of the listed databases). In the case of choosing an entity other than the one included in the WIM PW database, it is necessary to accept the choice by the Dean's Plenipotentiary for Student Internships. The business profile of the external entity should be related to the field of materials engineering.
  2. Contact an external entity to agree on the possibility of an internship in a given period and agree on an internship plan – preferred telephone contact, at a later stage – e-mail contact.
  3. Preparation of application documentation addressed to an external entity – CV, cover letter, etc.
  4. Preparation and submission to the Dean's Office of documentation required by the Faculty (Information abaut student internship, proof of accident insurance), necessary to complete the internship, based on which the Dean's Office prepares documentation for an external entity (agreement and referral to student internship).
  5. Delivery of the documents prepared by the Dean's Office to the external entity.
    Before starting the internship, documents should be delivered to an external entity, signed, and returned to the Dean's Office.
  6. In the case of internships outside the Student's residence, apply for co-financing of internships (co-financing of accommodation and travel costs for internships). The application should be submitted after the internship is over. The condition for favorable consideration of the application for co-financing is passing the internship by the Dean's Plenipotentiary for Student Internships. Detailed rules for co-financing compulsory student internships are included in the Ordinance of the Dean of Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering. The amount of co-financing for accommodation during mandatory student internships is set at a level no higher than the fee for a double room in the most expensive student dormitory of the University during the internship period.
  7. A student who is emplyed at company or run a business may applay for credit for student internship. The application for crediting the work performed as an internship should include a certificate of employment, the scope of the completed work, and a report on the internships executed.
  8. A student may apply for credit for student internship outside the country based on: the presented and accepted internship program, certificate of internship, student internship report.
  9. Internship in a selected entity within the time limit specified in the documentation.
  10. The condition for passing the internship is to submit a certificate of completed practice and report on the internship. The report should include a detailed description of the training course to verify the compliance of the practice plan with its actual course.
    The Dean's Plenipotentiary for Student Internships reserves the right to refuse to accept or withdraw to supplement the certificate of practice and the practice report incomplete or impossible to verify the correctness of the internship.
  11. Considering the academic year's schedule and many classes, it is suggested to do internships in the months designated for this, free from classes, i.e., July-September.
    Student internship for second cycle studies should take place after first semester.
  12. All formalities relating to practices organization should be completed by 30 June.
  13. Documents from the internship must be submitted by 10 October.