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Special Issue "Advances in Thin Film Fabrication by Magnetron Sputtering"

grafika do artykułu

Dr Chodun, as a Guest Editor of the Special Issue (Advances in Thin Film Fabrication by Magnetron Sputtering) of the journal Coatings (IF 2.436), invites to submit manuscripts.

This Special Issue aims to present a collection of articles describing recent advances in thin-film manufacturing technology. We are particularly interested in papers focused on the influence of the modification of magnetron sputtering on the film synthesis conditions, parameters, and properties of the produced films. Additional topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • modification of the magnetron plasma source and/or power source;
  • modification of the plasma control process;
  • use of additional means to support the synthesis of layers;
  • use of highly non-equilibrium plasma;
  • pulsed magnetron sputtering methods, e.g., HiPIMS;
  • thin, metastable films;
  • thin films with special structural features (nanostructures, composite films, etc.);
  • thin films with special functional properties.

More information: www.mdpi.com