Super-IcePhobic Surfaces to Prevent Ice Formation on Aircraft

Acronym: Phobic2Ice
No.: 690819
Program: H2020-EU.3.4. - SOCIETAL CHALLENGES - Smart, Green And Integrated Transport
Financing unit: European Commision
Project leader: dr Rafał Kozera
Function: leader
Timeframe: 2016-2019

Ice accretion is a major problem in aircraft industry, because the presence of even a poorly visible layer can seriously limit the operation of components such as wings, propellers, fins or sensors. The PHOBIC2ICE project aims to develop technologies and models used in numerical simulations to avoid or mitigate this phenomenon. The PHOBIC2ICE project enables the design and manufacturing of surfaces and coatings with enhanced hydro- and icephobic properties. During the project several types of polymeric, metallic, ceramic and hybrid coatings using various application methods (including plasma spraying, CVD, PVD) are developed. In addition, textured surfaces on metal alloys are developed using laser processing. The produced samples are tested in ice wind tunnel and in real conditions during flight tests.

The project also focuses on collecting basic knowledge about phenomena related to icing. This information will allow to better understand the processes of ice formation and accretion on different surfaces.