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The way and methods of protection against High Pulse Microwave (HPM) impulses

Acronym: MiSOpIH
No.: DOB-1-3/1/PS/2014
Program: Program for State Security and Defense under Competition 1/PS/2014
Financing unit: NCBR
Project leader: professor Anna Boczkowska
Function: consortium
Timeframe: 2014-2020

As part of the project, research is carried out to develop protections for typical electronic modules (differing in size, assembly methods, purpose, acceptable mass). The module is enclosed in a housing and possibly in a multi-modular cassette and provided with a lid which requires sealing with properly selected conductive gaskets or conductive adhesives based on metallic particles or polymers with conductive fillers, such as carbon nanotubes and / or graphene flakes.

Due to the possibility of using the module on board of the flying platform, also broadband, flexible absorbers of electromagnetic waves printed on the film will be developed. Such absorbers can be used both to reduce the effective surface of objects and to protect against high-power electromagnetic pulses. Absorbers can be designed for any band or several absorption bands.

An alternative version of the absorbers will be developed using low-weight conductive thermoplastic nonwovens due to the use of conductive nanofillers for the production of fibres, such as carbon nanotubes or graphene.  Such nonwovens can be incorporated into elastic materials, e.g. elastomers, or in the structures made of fibres reinforced polymers e.g. carbon fibres.