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Smart membrane pressing technology for manufacturing of high performance composite components of high diversification

Acronym: SmartMembrane
No: MAZOWSZE/0211/19
Program: Cornet 27
Financing unit: NCBR
Project leaderprof. dr hab. Anna Boczkowska
Function: comsortium
Timeframe: 2020-2021

The general aim of the project is to develop an adaptive manufacturing process in which the component-specific manufacturing tool is combined with a heatable, flexible membrane with integrated sensors in such a way that it is suitable for forming high-performance composite materials such as the novel snap cure polymer systems in an adaptive process.

Within the project SmartMembrane, a novel manufacturing approach is developed, which allows for a significant simplification of conventional consolidation processes with process-safe abilities. Key element is a smart membrane, consisting of a highly flexible elastomer with integrated heating elements and sensory devices for process monitoring and instant adjustment of relevant process parameters. In combination with suitable adaptive mould concepts, either based on modular or adjustable pin elements, a high flexibility considering component geometry is feasible. Thus, small batch sizes for individualized components with tailor-made properties and reproducible material quality can be manufactured at comparably low investment and production costs.