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Polymer composites with improved mechanical and electrical properties based on an innovative thermoplastic resin

Acronym: PolComTheR
Number: 0185/L-11/2019
Program: LIDER XI
Financing unit: NCBR
Project manager: M.Sc. Eng. Kamil Dydek
Function: Leader
Time: 2021-2023


Carbon fibers reinforced Polymers are characterized by high strength and stiffness in relation to their weight, low density, and corrosion resistance. However, they have disadvantages that limit their applicability. These include - relatively low electrical conductivity, brittle cracking, and the problem of recycling. Accordingly, the main goal of the project will be to develop a composite material with improved mechanical and electrical properties. This will be achieved through the use of an innovative thermoplastic resin and its modification, and by introducing modified thermoplastic nonwovens containing carbon nanotubes into a composite structure.  Taking into account the implementation of the solution, all methods will meet the requirements in terms of their practical use on a large scale, environmental safety, and economy.