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Development of an intelligent design of a pressure composite tank with a tilting bottom

Akronym: AMARGO
No: 513R/1090/1456/000
Program: DWP/Mazowsze/418/2019 – Ścieżka dla Mazowsza
Financing unit: NCBR
Project leader: prof. dr hab. inż. Anna Boczkowska
Function: konsorcjant
Timeframe: 2020-2023

The aim of the R&D project is to develop an smart construction of a composite pressure tank with a tilting bottom. The design of the bottom will be significantly improved to the current solutions. The project is run by Amargo Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology and The Wroclaw University of Science and Technology as part of a consortium. The project involves the development of a technology for the production of double-layer composite tanks, a complete selection of materials and process parameters, including the method of filament winding. As part of the work, mechanical and aging tests of the selected composites will be carried out. The assessment of the tightness and chemical resistance of the thermoplastic liner will also be examined. The tank will be equipped with a monitoring system using the NDT method and piezoelectric sensors. The project involves the construction of a technological line on which a demonstrator in the form of a composite tank with a tilting bottom will be made.