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Nobel Prize winner visits Warsaw University of Technology

Photo of Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham on the background of the Main Hall in the WUT Main Building

Our University welcomed Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham – winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He received an honorary doctorate from the Warsaw University of Technology, and also met with representatives of the University of Technology and gave an open lecture.

Prof. Whittingham is a co-creator of lithium-ion batteries. These devices have found a number of applications: from laptops, mobile phones and digital cameras, through power tools, to cars. The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded jointly for work on this innovation to Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham, Prof. John B. Goodenough and Prof. Akira Yoshino.

The Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology, Prof. Krzysztof Zaremba, emphasised the importance of this research.

“Prof. Whittingham’s achievements revolutionised our lives,” the Rector emphasised during the honorary doctorate award ceremony. “I believe that as a technical university the Warsaw University of Technology is the right place to honour the professor, because our mission and our goal is to create solutions that bring measurable benefits to people.”

“Prof. Whittingham is an outstanding scientist, and at the same time a very kind man, focused on working together with scientific teams, including at the Warsaw University of Technology,” said Prof. Franciszek Krok, a scientist from our own Faculty of Physics who had the opportunity to meet and work with Prof. Whittingham.

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