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Distinction in the competition Polish Product of the Future

Nagroda „Polski Produkt Przyszłości”

Our university spin-off company ADJ Nanotechnology and the Warsaw University of Technology have been recognised for their collaboration on the technology of manufacturing sterilising nanoparticle composites.

A research team led by Professor Agnieszka Jastrzębska, chair of the board and co-founder of ADJ Nanotechnology, developed an innovative product which allows to destroy harmful microbes basically on any surface. Bioactive nanoparticle composites in the form of a permanent coating destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi, ensuring sterility of surfaces especially exposed to microbes.

Biocidal nanoparticle composites may be used in the production of, for example, paper products and those made in the offset process, plastics, also biodegradable ones, smart fabrics, paints, varnishes and primers for protection of structural materials (such as concrete, plaster or timber), as well as surface and hand disinfectants.

More information about this solution was presented in ”New nanomethod for surface sterility”.

The competition Polish Product of the Future promotes the most innovative products and technologies manufactured in Poland. These include ground-breaking solutions from various areas of science, such as the medical, pharmaceutical, electronic and chemical branch. This year was the 24th edition of the competition. The winners of awards and distinctions were announced during the final gala held on 5 July 2022 in Warsaw. The competition is organised by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the National Centre for Research and Development.