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Dean's Team Grant for PhD Students

The aim of the competition for the Dean's Team Grant for PhD Students is to support the scientific activity of young scientists by enabling the implementation of projects within the framework of the Faculty divisions.

The project team consists of the project leader and participant(s) (PhD students of the Doctoral School of the Warsaw University of Technology in the discipline of materials science and engineering, excluding Implementation PhD students) from at least two divisions.

A doctoral student may apply to maximum 2 projects at the same time. At the same time, he can be an applicant (project leader) of only one project.

A doctoral student who is participating in a grant of the Scientific Council Discipline in a given year cannot be at the same time take part in the Dean's grant.

The maximum salary of the PhD student from all the subsidy funds (excluding Doctoral Scholarship) may not exceed PLN 3,000 gross in each month.

The condition for payment of salary is the active status of the PhD student throughout the duration of the project.

The maximum grant amount is PLN 25,000.

The criteria for the evaluation of the grant application:

  • objective of the project, substantive justification, expected achievements (60 points);
  • scientific achievements of the project team for the period 2021-2023, documented by publications, patents, participation in the implementation of research projects or development works, participation in national and foreign scientific conferences, scientific internships (30 points);
  • work plan, structure and justification of the cost estimate (10 points).

The application prepared according to the template constituting Annex 1 to the Regulations, signed by the project leader and participants, should be submitted (in paper form) at the secretariat of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering by 04 August 2023 at 12.00.