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Method of treatment of large bone defects in oncological patients using in vivo tissue engineering approach

Acronym: iTE
No.: STRATEGMED3/306888/3/NCBR/2017
Financing unit: NCBR (National Centre for Research and Development)
Project leader: professor Wojciech Święszkowski
Function: leader
Timeframe: 2017 - 2020

Project description

The main goal of the project is to develop a novel scaffold-based in vivo tissue engineering approach to regenerate large bone defects (iTE) in oncological patients. In the first stage, after removal of the bone tumor, a novel drug delivery spacer will be implanted to mandible to restore defect site, and, in the same time, to cure possible infection and support radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. In the same time a novel bioactive and biodegradable 3D scaffold will be implanted within ectopic site of patient body capable of supporting neo-tissue formation. After a new bone tissue will be generated in vivo, the spacer will be removed, and the prefabricated flap (tissue engineering product) will be harvested and implanted in mandibular defect offering both physiological performance and aesthetic improvements. To achieve that, a novel 3D printed spacer, bioactive scaffold, and method of enrichment implants with bioactive agents, will be proposed and evaluated based on extensive in vitro and in vivo (small and large animal models) investigations.