Magnetic materials

Professor Marcin Leonowicz
+48 22 234 84 50

The research group is engaged in the processing, characterisation and application of magnetic materials.

Over the 30 years’ history of the group’s activity, such magnetic materials as Alnico (cast and sintered) and rare-earth-metals based, mostly Nd-Fe-B, were studied. The processing methods comprised sintering of powders, mechanical alloying, rapid solidification from melt and hydrogenation methods (HD and HDDR). The latter techniques are applied for recycling of sintered, scrap magnets, for fabrication of coercive powders for polymer bonded magnets.
In addition to the hard magnetic materials, magnetic shape memory alloys, magnetocaloric alloys and soft magnetic materials are also studied.

Research activities

  • Hard and soft magnetic materials
  • Powder metallurgy methods
  • Magnetocaloric materials
  • Hydrogenation methods and magnetic composites
  • Application of Additive Manufacturing for the processing of magnetic materials

Research offer

  • Measurement of magnetic parameters
  • Characterisation of structure and microstructure of magnetic materials
  • Technology of magnetic materials
  • Studies of accelerated ageing
  • Design of devices with application of magnetic materials


  • Elaboration of new materials on the basis of NdFeB alloys using processes that enable fabrication of hybrid magnetic rotors by injection moulding in a magnetic field, NCBR, POIR.04.01.02-00-0019/17-00

Research collaboration

  • Evitron sp. z o. o.


Professor Marcin Leonowicz
+48 22 234 84 50
Division of Structural and Functional Materials